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Our Safety Promise

You are Safe at Calamansi Cove Villas

Calamansi Cove Villas have been awarded the Level 1 Safe and Secure certification from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. Our staff have been instrumental in ensuring our property meets all requirements set out by the SLTDA in order to welcome our guests back to our paradise beach.

It is our solemn promise that, while we are eager to welcome you back, health and safety of our guests and our staff remain our utmost priority. All guidelines and safety precautions are fully respected and implemented.

We want to ensure that even though there are strict guidelines on safety and hygiene, your privacy in our property is always respected and your holiday is not compromised. Each of our villas are allocated with their own staff to accommodate your needs.

For more information on SLTDA’s guidelines, please click here.


Getting to Calamansi Cove Villa

  • We recommend organising your transport to Calamansi Cove Villas directly with us. Rest assured that the vehicle is thoroughly disinfected and sanitised before and after your journey.
  • Our team will allocate a car and driver for you whilst ensuring they maintain the necessary guidelines (either directly through Jetwing Hotels’ own car pool or one of our regular drivers.)
  • We request that you wear masks and gloves, and all our drivers will ensure they do the same to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • While we are known for our warm hospitality, we have advised our drivers to limit conversations with guests during this period.
  • On the back seat you’ll be able to find a booklet on all guidelines and protocols carried out by the villa. We recommend you read this, on your journey to Calamansi Cove Villas. You’ll find information regarding operational information for services in restaurants, laundry, housekeeping, pool, etc.
  • We regret to inform you that valet services will not be offered at our hotels until further notice.

Check-in Process

  • As we welcome you directly to your villa, you’ll be required to fill a short questionnaire on your health and travel history. We hope that you take time and fill this accurately to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.
  • You’ll find hand sanitizers on the front desks and all guest contact points and social distancing guidelines will be practised to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Additionally, your temperature will be measured using a contactless thermometer at check-in. If your temperature exceeds 37°C (98°F), you will be required to do a second assessment after 10-15 minutes of rest. If your temperature still exceeds 37°C, you’ll be escorted to an isolation area by a trained member of our staff until you can be taken to a hospital for further assessment.
  • All villa keys will be disinfected before being handed to you.
  • If you are feeling unwell or develop a fever, please report it immediately to the front desk.

Our Common Areas

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all public spaces around the property. Additionally, we’ll also provide tissues and pedal-operated bins, placed in key public areas for the use of guests.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be implemented in arranging seating, in all common areas.
  • These areas will be frequently cleaned with recommended chemicals.
  • The Ministry of Health advises against the use of the pool and massage during this period, however as we are a small and very private cluster of villas, we will allow use of these areas. Our team will be in attendance and wearing protective gear. We sanitise all lounge chairs around the pool and the massage bed after each guest.
  • If you are feeling unwell, or have other symptoms like cough, sneezing, etc, we request you to refrain from using these facilities to reduce the risk of transmission.

Our Villas

  • All villas will be disinfected prior to check-in and regularly sanitized throughout your stay. Safety and sanitation signage will be available for your information.
  • Your linen will be changed once every two days or only on request; please note that we will not be offering turndown service in order to minimize contact. Housekeeping associates will change gloves between each room.
  • Based on occupancy levels, we will allocate alternate villas to maximize social distancing.
  • If you feel unwell, please contact our reception to inform our executives who will then follow necessary safety protocols to ensure your health and safety.

Our Restaurant

  • All surfaces in our restaurant will be disinfected after each guest and our staff, both in the kitchen and those in the restaurant will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and we request you to adequately sanitise your hands before entering.
  • Menus will be shared with you prior to check-in over WhatsApp or Email. Meal preparations and choices will be decided with the guests and Chef during your stay, preferably over WhatsApp. This is done to minimise contact and ensure your privacy is respected and maintained during your stay with us.
  • Tables will be positioned 2 metres apart to avoid overcrowding.
  • Disposable pre-packaged napkins will be provided to guests and you are requested to avoid sharing cutlery and crockery.
  • Should you wish to dine in your own villa or between the coconut palms on the beachfront, or the gardens, we will happily arrange this for you.
  • In-room dining is recommended for elderly guests so that they may avoid crowded spaces. Please inquire at our front desk for more information.


  • All invoice copies and check-out forms will be sent via WhatsApp or Email, based on your preference, prior to departure.

Our Staff Team

  • Temperatures of our staff will be checked before entering the premises through a contactless thermometer. If a high temperature is detected, our HR department will be notified immediately.
  • Any member of the team who is feeling unwell or displays symptoms of COVID-19 will not report for duty.
  • Hand sanitizers and foot baths will be available at the staff entrance. Our staff are required to adequately sanitize prior to entering the property.
  • Staff uniforms will be laundered before each shift. Gloves and masks are mandatory for all our team members.
  • An isolation room is kept available if an associate shows symptoms of COVID-19.